The Labyrinth of Possibility

Wanadi Siso
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Mauricio Siso
Mauricio Molina
Bettsy Battig
Oliver Krisch, Wanadi Siso
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Sonia Soberats is a sixty-six-year-old Venezuelan woman who lives by herself in a modest apartment in New York City. The pain caused by the death of both her sons resulted in her total loss of vision. She takes care of everything she needs. Today she is a blind photographer. Through different stages of Sonia’s life and work we will see how two apparently contrary concepts coexist in harmony: a whole new tendency in photography bringing together this expressive art and sight deficiencies.


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Born in Venezuale, Wanadi Siso studied cinema at the Broadcasting School of the Los Andes University. His latest documentaries and animation works had been broadcast on the National Television of Broadcasting. The Labyrinth of Possibility is his first long feature film.

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