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The 2015 edition of the Millenium International Festival will take place from March 28th to April 5th in Brussels.

The festival was created to promote documentary film and its creators, a cinema that reflects the social and cultural issues, economic, humanitarian and environmental issues. It is dedicated to documentary films that give a human face to the 8 Millennium Development Goals voted by the member nations of the UN in 2000 and present personal stories behind these 8 goals, told by filmmakers from all around the world. Its purpose is to support and promote the work of independent filmmakers, to support the development of film language and contribute to the dialogue with the public.


Article 1.
Selection criteria

The selection criteria will primarily focus on the cinematic quality of the films, their perspective, diversity, commitment to their subject and authenticity of the filmmakers’ approach. The Festival is open to all filmmakers, irrespective of nationality. News reports and news magazines will not be taken into consideration.

Films entered must have been produced after January 1st 2013.


Article 2.
Competition & Awards

International competition

  • Objectif d’Or – Best film
  • Objectif d’Argent –Best Development Message (Offered by UNDP)
  • Award of the Best Message for Human Rights (Offered by OHCHR)
  • Special Prize of the Jury – Award for the film with the most original point of view regarding its content and cinematic qualities (Offered by UNESCO)
  • La Trois Award – Diffusion prize granted by a Jury of professionals from La Trois channel
  • Audience Award – granted by a Jury of 30 volunteers from the public

Young vision Competition

A Jury of 20 young volunteer will grant the Young vision Award.

“World’s workers” Competition

A Jury of 20 volunteers from the enterprise world will grant the “Work & MDG8” Award.

 (Awards are subject to change)


Article 3.


Closing entry dates: January 5th 2015

Directors or producers can register their films either online via the Festival’s website ( by filling up the following form, or alternatively by posting a printed version to the Festival office:

Address: International Millenium Festival

c/o asbl Diogène

2, Rue de la Vanne

B-1050 Brussels- Belgium

There is no duration limit to films.

For the submission, films must be:

  • in their original language
  • with subtitles preferably in French or in English
  • with a transcript in French or English

Sending of DVD 

A copy of the film needs to be sent for pre-selection viewing:

·       on a DVD to the Festival’s office address – 2, Rue de la Vanne 1050 Bruxelles


·       via wetransfer to, in following formats .mov, .mp4 ou .avi

Documents and DVD copies are sent at the applicants’ own expense and risk. The organizers will not assume any liability. Entries and film selection copies must be sent to the Festival office no later than January 5th 2015.

For every question or for the expenditure of your copy, please contact us by e-mail:


Article 4.
Organizational principles of the selection

The selection committee checks that entries fully comply and respect the festival’s philosophy. Furthermore, it will make viewing suggestions for a film to take part in the competition or for a panorama.

Article 5.
Films selected to take part in the competition or in a panorama

Applicants will be informed by email of the film’s selection and whether it will be taking part in the competition or in a panorama.

In the event of a selection in competition or panorama, the producer of the film or any other authorized person undertakes to send no later than January 31st 2015:

·       The fact-sheets for the selected films

·       Promotional material (photos, trailers, prize, etc.)

·       A screening copy in perfect condition and appropriate definition (formats: .mov, .mp4, .avi, Dvcam, Hdv, Bluray, Apple Pro Res or H264 minimum 8000 Kb/s, 25 fps, Audio 48 kHz)

The Festival will only return copies of presented films in accordance with directions given to that effect. DVD’s submitted for the selection will not be returned.

The producer or any other authorized person undertakes to:

·       Make sure the prize-winners will take part to the award ceremony

·       Mention in any media reports and in any promotional material the prize(s) awarded (s) at the 7th edition of the International Millenium Festival.

·       Warn the Millenium Festival if the film was, is or will be submitted to another festival in Belgium.

Once the producer(s) have signed the Selection Sheet, a film cannot be withdrawn. 

No selected film may be available for hiring out.


Article 6.

Attendance of the filmmaker(s)

Expenses related to the invitation of the directors of the selected films will be specifically defined by mail (letter, e-mail, etc.) sent by the Board of the Millenium Festival. In the case of co-direction, the Festival will only cover the expenses for one invitation.

The Festival shall bear the cost of insurance solely for the period between receiving copies and sending them back. In the case of loss or damage during this period, the Festival’s responsibility is confined to the replacement value of the film or video copy.

•  Copyrights

The applicant ensures to have the agreement of all copyrights holders to use the film’s copyright for the festival.

Copyright holders authorize the organizers of the Festival to:

·       Proceed to screenings free of distribution rights during the Festival

·       Broadcast extracts of less than 3 minutes as part of a television or radio broadcasts, or on the internet, for promotional purposes


•  Archives

Directors and producers must accept to entrust the selection copy (DVD) to the Millenium Festival’s archives. In return, the Festival undertakes to refrain from any commercial exploitation thereof.

Directors and producers must accept that their film – whether selected for competition or not – can be accessed in the public video library that will be available during the Festival.

Furthermore, any film entered for the Millenium Festival – whether selected for competition or not – will remain accessible outside the Festival period to a professional audience (directors, technicians, producers, distributors, program directors of other Festivals, journalists, researchers, students, etc.) on VHS or DVD copyright-free, in the Festival’s permanent video library located in its offices.

To enable the continuity of the Millenium Festival’s goals, which is to promote quality documentary films, life-long learning and public awareness of the Millennium Development Goals, the copyrights holders of the film allow the Millenium Festival to present the film only 12 months following the end of the 2015 edition’s competition for non-commercial screenings for school children, in cultural centers or partner festivals. 


Article 7.

Participation in the International Millenium Festival implies the acceptance of these regulations. All cases not specifically foreseen shall be subject to a non-appealable decision of the Festival’s Executive Committee, taking into account the international rules of the FIAPF.

You can send us your movies until 5 January 2015. Entries must be submitted online using the online entry form.

150 words

"I declare that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated in the Festival Regulations. I certify that I am legally authorized to submit this film and confirm that of the information provided is true".

The screening film copy for the selection must be sent in DVD format (English or French subtitle) to the following address :

Millenium International Festival - c/o asbl Diogène
2, Rue de la Vanne
1050 Brussels