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Marc Soosaar

President of the 2014 jury 

Marc Soosaar is an Estonian documentary film director, producer, professor and founder of International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival in Pärnu that this year celebrated its XIX edition. In more than thirty years of film-making, Soosaar has made over fifty movies, focusing on Estonian issues, such as the disaster of the ‘Estonia ferry’ (in September 1994) and its survivors or the life of the last Estonian Ambassador to Washington before the II World War.
Soosaar shows special interest in the folklore and ethnology of his country, but he also made films about some primitive tribes in Siberia, Amazonia, and the USA. His movie Father, Son and Holly Thorum (PRIX NANOOK of the Bilan Ethnographique in Paris,1997 and Golden Gate Award of San Francisco Film Festival, 1998) turned international attention to the survival problems of Khanty ethnos in Siberia.





Nenad Puhovski


Director of Factum and ZagrebDox

Nenad Puhovski is one of the pivotal persons in the development of modern Croatian documentary film. He is the author and producer of awarded films and director of the biggest regional documentary film festival.Nenad Puhovski was born in Zagreb in 1949 and made his first film at age 16. He studied Philosophy and Sociology at Zagreb University and also Film and TV Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art. after graduation he worked professionally in theatre, film, and television. He has directed a handful of stage plays and almost 250 TV productions of all genres – fiction, documentary, music and educational. Nedad Puhovski has directed a number of documentaries for the cinema - mostly about social issues but also films about art. His works have been screened around the world and received a number of awards.




Miel van Hoogenbemt 


Miel van Hoogenbemt has worked in Belgian cinema and television since the 1980’s, as a producer, director, production manager and screenwriter. He has taught documentary filmmaking at Hogeschool Sint Lukas in Brussels since 1996. He made his directorial debut in 1985 with a short, Loin d’ici, and he has made numerous documentaries since. His last movie, Fils unique, was released in 2012.



Antonio Vigilante 

Antonio Vigilante is director of the United Nations office in Brussels and the director of the program of the United Nations for development (UNDP). Before, he performed missions in Egypt, Eastern Europe, New York, Barbados, Ethiopia, Honduras and Bolivia. He has supported, among others, awarness programs through audiovisual materials. He also authored articles on the issues of development in specialized journals. His other activities are theater, translator of novels and plays and writing of children books.




Pascale Obolo

Born in Yaounde, Cameroon, Pascale Obolo lives and works between Paris and Yaounde. She studied at conservatoire libre of French cinema in the Department of Production where she earned her Masters in Film Paris VIII in the section of experimental cinema. As a feminist, she concentrated her gaze on gender and on the place of women in the contemporary art world. Passionate about visual arts, she has collaborated with artists such as: Jayone, Shuck, Samuel Fosso, Jean-Pierre Bekolo Ayanna Jackson. Her main focus is on the concept African Futurism. Some of her works have been exhibited at the Parc de la Villette in 2009, the Musée du Montparnasse, the Quai Branly Museum, The Armoury Dakar in 2011, Mac/Val Museum 2013. Her last film Calypso Rose the Lioness of the Jungle won a best documentary Award (Yennega d’argent) in March 2013 at FESPACO.

Pascale Obolo is also the editor of digital magazine of contemporary art AFRIKADAA and the production manager plastic art for the festival "Africa in all Senses."