Focus East Countries

Date & Time: 
Mon, 31/03/2014 - 18:30 to Tue, 01/04/2014 - 22:00

On the program: 

Four movies will take you into the everyday life and particularities of our neighbours. 


Evening of March 31st at CIVA


6.30 pm - Anplagd - Film from Serbia, directed by Mladen Kovacevic

With the right technology, a leaf from a tree can sound like a full-fledged musical instrument. We learn this in the amusing and beautiful film about a small Serbian village, which throws all its love on what must be the most primitive instrument ever which invites us to rediscover nature. For more information, click here.

8pm - Roma Quixote - Film from Bulgaria, directed by Nakova Petya et Pehlivanova Nina

Roma Quixote is a poetical tale about a Roma neighborhood. One part of the neighborhood is urbanized, the other part is a true ghetto, while the main square with shops and cafes is in the middle. There are comical contrasts and inevitable similarities between them. For more information, click here.


Evening of April 1rst at CIVA 


6.30pm - Au nom du Maire - Film from Roumania, directed by Hirte Anca

Job-seekers are lining up in front of one single interlocutor. So begins a role play observed through their faces, eyes and expressions. From absurd to tragedy and from comedy to solemnity, this documentary is shaped like a play of Ionesco. For more information, click here.

8pm - Gangster of Love - Film from Croatia, directed by Nebojša Slijepčeviċ

Nadiljko Babic is a matchmaker and helps a Bulgarian single mother to find a husband in Croatia. Nevertheless, after a number of dates, the real nature of the Croatian men is revealed : they would rather die alone than to marry a foreign woman with a child. For more information, click here.

Recent events

The closing ceremony at Flagey will end the 10-days festival in style with the prizegiving ceremony, the winning film and a farewell drink.

10 years 2 months ago

After the screening of the documentary Karsu, Karsu Dönmez, the signer and song-writer presented in the film will give us the honnor of an exclusive concert.

10 years 2 months ago

A special CNCD 11.11.11 event will take place on Wednesday, the 9th April with the films "Avec le Vent" and "Le chant de la fleur" and a presentation of the book "Mondialisation: qui gagne et qui perd".

10 years 2 months ago

After the screening of the film "Armadillo" at PointCulture à l'ULB, a debate will be organized around the ethical issues of the movie.

10 years 2 months ago