Cultures of Resistance

Date & Time: 
Tue, 08/04/2014 - 16:00 to 16:40

Screening of three short films of 12' each:

The Kalasha and the Crescent 

The Kalash people, from northern Pakistan, upholds a rich cultural heritage that is opposed to Pakistan’s dominant Islam. Today, they have to deal with poverty, toursim and Islamism. Can the Kalash traditions resist both the globalisation and the religious tensions? More info

The Rape of the Samburu Women

When Kenya was still a British colony the women in this area faced an epidemic of rape. Even though these rapes were officially claimed, the Royal Military Police cleared all soldiers from wrongdoing. More info

Battle for the Xingu

The Xingu, a tributary of the Amazon, is home to over 10,000 indigenous people. The Brazilian government is proposing to build a hydroelectric dam, threatening to destroy the biodiversity of the Xingu River Basin and deprive these people of their rights to a sustainable future. More info



Recent events

The closing ceremony at Flagey will end the 10-days festival in style with the prizegiving ceremony, the winning film and a farewell drink.

10 years 2 months ago

After the screening of the documentary Karsu, Karsu Dönmez, the signer and song-writer presented in the film will give us the honnor of an exclusive concert.

10 years 2 months ago

A special CNCD 11.11.11 event will take place on Wednesday, the 9th April with the films "Avec le Vent" and "Le chant de la fleur" and a presentation of the book "Mondialisation: qui gagne et qui perd".

10 years 2 months ago

After the screening of the film "Armadillo" at PointCulture à l'ULB, a debate will be organized around the ethical issues of the movie.

10 years 2 months ago