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Discover the prize list of the 6th edition of the Millenium Festival which closed this Friday, April 11th.

Did you miss some movies? Come and enjoy our special day reserved to the awarded documentaries.

The documentary follows the meeting of two european reggae singers and their love for Jamaica. Saturday at 8pm at CIVA

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In October 2012, after 123 years, the cotton factory Honegger of Albino closed down, in the middle valley of Bergamo. In the cotton factory, the place at the loom was handed down from mother to daughter, and workers were sure to have found their bread and butter for a life time. Following the daily life of three workers on unemployment benefits, the film narrates the decline, now definitive, of a whole idea of work and society and the subsequent emptiness. Such a transition concerns all the country, where a fourth of the industrial power was lost in the last five years. 


Come and share this moment with the film director Stefano Collizzolli.