Since it was founded in 2009, the Millenium International Film Festival continues its vocation by screening documentaries on issues calling on us to reflect and which help us discover the other, its complexity and the beauty of difference. Created with the goal of paying homage to films whose themes are related to the Millennium Development Goals, the festival has become a must-attend event because of the originality of its programming. The proof of this can be seen in the ongoing interest from the ever increasing Belgian and international audiences each year.
Seeing, knowing and understanding what is going on around us. Penetrating the daily life, the exception, the cities, the nooks and crannies… The Millenium Festival presents more than fifty documentaries selected among 800 applications from around the world. The films tell us about the important issues and goals of the 21st century, a changing world which has an impact on many of our values and lifestyles. The documentaries are moving, thought-provoking and concern us. The works show the personal, political and cosmetic commitment of the authors. It is a committed cinema which tells the truth.
The festival is also about festive moments, competitions, concerned guests, meetings and focuses. It is a place where the screenings are followed by exchanges, where there is something going on before and behind the screen. This is the place to be to understand, learn, and find yourself. The cinema that offers the Millenium Festival is not just drawing up a fact but it provokes reflection and makes an impact on your mind and your heart. The Millenium Festival is a rendezvous where you are free to speak up. It is also a means to show your indignation, your doubts, your will to «do something» and to incite both directors and the audience to think, to create and to rise up (again).